Terms of Service

1. User Agreement.
1.1 Any person who has registered on the website / forum or has used our services automatically agrees to this set of rules, as well as to the rules of the game servers and undertakes to comply with them.
1.2 This set of rules applies to all currently operating or future servers (game worlds) on our project and to the project itself as a whole.
1.3 The administration of this game project has every right to block your account for violating one or another paragraph of this set of rules.
1.4 The Administration is not responsible for incorrectly transferred funds. In the event of such a situation, the administration, at its discretion, can compensate them.
1.5 Sale of game values or services is possible only inside the game for game currency in the "Store" section.
1.6 Donation to the project is possible only on our website in the "Donations" section. Our project does not use any other payment acceptance methods.
1.7 The Administration does not return the User's game values. However, the Administration may, at its discretion, return the game values lost by the User in cases of error, failure, hacking or other malfunction of the server software.
1.8 The Administration has the right to adjust this set of rules without any notification.
2. Information about the refund. Refund policy.
2.1 All money transferred by you in favor of this project through the donation page (https://l2-agation.com/donations /), are considered a voluntary donation for the development of the project.
2.2 You don't buy anything, and we don't sell anything. You help the project to the extent that it can help you. The exchange is recognized as equivalent and is considered a benevolence.
2.3 The Administration does not accept claims regarding the services provided and does not refund the funds transferred by you as a voluntary donation (paragraph 2.1).